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web rack
Long before Apple introduced its stylish web servers, SGI was manufacturing these beautiful machines
In today's world, pretty much every small and medium-sized business has (or should have) a web site. Unfortunately, in addition to designing, selecting content for and implementing the site, launching one also involves a daunting task of choosing a web hosting package and a web hosting provider. This choice is far from being an easy one for business owners. Web hosting plans range in cost and complexity from simple sub-$10/month shared hosting packages to dedicated hosting and colocation solutions that cost thousands of dollars per month. On the surface, they do the same thing - i.e. allow a business's web site to operate. So, what makes these plans so drastically different?

Our site, "Web Hosting Menu", attempts to answer this and many other associated questions. Our main goal in creating it was to help business owners, managers, freelancers as well as individuals who wish to establish professional web presence to cut through the clutter of choices and set priorities straight when choosing a web hosting solution. We tried to reduce the amount of technical lingo to the minimum so that even someone with very little technical knowledge could find something useful here.

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