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How do I register a domain name?

In general, you need to register a domain through one of the many different companies known as "registrars". The registrar will ask you to provide contact information and the technical details on your domain's hosting.

The specific procedure depends on your top-level domain: the rules are slightly different. Most commonly, people register ".com" and ".net" domains for which the only real restriction is the availability of the desired name.

Registrars of other top-level domain names may impose different requirements - for example, in order to register a ".edu" domain, your company must be an educational institution; ".pro" is reserved for certain occupations and so on.

How much does registration cost?

Maintaining a domain registration record normally costs between $10 and $35 per year, depending on your chosen top-level domain, your registrar, and the type of services you receive. Again, normally the registration cost is included in the first year's charge.